As long as our dear leader is a moron, I say let the morons that follow him can all eliminate their social distancing.

Republicans big plan to get voters to the voting booth come November

Warning: Rant Therapy Ahead: Thanks to the LBD I only get a working mind a few hours a day, and when those hours are spent seeing something so logically, scientifically wrong and you (at that moment anyways) have a logic-minded brain, this shit sticks out and ruins what few hours of sanity I have. So instead of taking larger action, the safest thing for all is my Rant Therapy; Randy does it too, uses this joint to let off steam, Randy's no idiot either, not his fault he is from McConnell-land (just teasing Randy) take this for what it is, the ramblings of a sometimes crazy mind....
Update 1: The Republicans are still at it; if they had their way there simply would not be any voters....I honestly don't see how they think they will politically survive the rather brain-dead decision to FORCE voting on the public in the middle of a pandemic. It keeps bringing the question, how stupid and arrogant are the Republicans....really?

The Republicans have a problem, a voter problem, as in "keeping their few votes alive" problem. In the interest of humanity we are all hoping they grow a brain but the plain, unadulterated truth is:

A. The irresponsible way the Republican Party is approaching this pandemic is sending the message to the voters in their party it's some plot by the Democrats to do something to Trump, this whole "stay at home, isolation hoax." Of course its horse-shit to anyone who passed a science class not involving a deity but since many have not, the optimal purveyors of said horse-shit are the opinion hosts passing as news on Fox, echoed by the slightly-more-brain-dead elected Republicans, finally trickling up the tip of Dementia Mountain, Donald J. Trump. Then it hits Twitter and down it goes to the Red Hat Brigade (Evangelicals, white supremacists, Rush Limbaugh, the state of Arkansas, one and all). Who are now going around licking toilets, having church parties, going out in public places full of crowds and generally encouraging the suggestible around them to do the same so they don't feel weird(er). This sort of activity leads to the inevitable.....

B. There is going to be a great deal fewer Republicans (said Evangelicals, etc ) voting come November, so let that sink in. They will be voluntarily removing their clearly cognitively-defective genes from the human gene pool. Maybe now alien life might choose to speak with us.  This isn't Democrats vs Republicans thing; it's a Science vs Obviously-Idiots thing, straight up. I am registered as a Democrat in Nevada but that's only because to register to vote you are forced to register as one or the other and honestly I didn't know the difference between the two. I think D came before R, you tricky Democrats you.

For all the screwing-with we have endured for the past three years, I think Ms. Karma is being that cast-iron bitch we all know that she is. In point of fact when the history books are written, it will lay the cratering of the Republican Party at the feet of Trumps Presidency. And we all assumed it would be any of the 100 other crimes he is accused of, it will take the visit of the mistress of Death to convince some folks.

You couldn't write this kinda stuff; in retrospect is seems almost too obvious. And Trump thought he was dodging a bullet by suddenly relocating to Florida; he moved from the land of caution and clear thought to the land of the National Enquirer, which makes it even stranger in my head because he is now probably dreading the exit of the White House on a level "no one ever thought of before"...he loves saying that for some reason. Delaying November would give them a way to try and gin up the undead but I am not betting on that possibility.

After reading what are obviously-provable lies, I awoke in dread the other day..

This all makes perfect sense to me but what the hell, I am crazy after-all and have the paperwork to prove it...wait....what was the problem again?

somewhere in Vegas, week one of the shutdown...I think its week one...