LBD Stories

This page will collect stories and thoughts from Lewy Body Dementia patients. Anyone who posts here knows its for everyone to ready, so maybe someone will learn. This will also hopefully give the reader a taste of what it is like to have this disease. And as one of the key features or defects of this disease, this will discuss dementia in general. Since what we experience in that regard is the same as it is for others such as Alzheimers patients, their stories are welcome because I think we call all learn from them.

Stories will be posted to the main thread with the rest of our drivel but the LBD and dementia related ones will link here...

Caveat: this is a work in progress, pls be patient since the dude doing it *is* a patient...

What its like to have LBD: Hiding in plain sight.

What its like to have LBD: Chapter One: Before Diagnosis.

Demented Perspectives: Reality is getting thicker....

The Worst Part of Dementia 

The Condition My Condition is in

Project: WikiJeff

My Reality is starting to feel like an Alien Planet

My Sphere of Comprehension

Understanding Conversations

Objects in Mirror are stranger then they appear

A Taste of Aphasia for Normal People..

And so the Comedian asks: How many nuts can you fit in a boat?

Riding the Mobius Strip of Reality

A Strange kind of Aphasia

Pardon me whilst I regress...

Considering the Future

Doing Something actually useful for your Caregiver

I'm Just Sayin...

The Embarrassment of LBD

Quick Exit

Making Arrangements

Is It Real?

A Small Victory

Phantom Memories

The Morning After

And now for a word from my mouthpiece...

Fade To Black

Nothing is as it appears

I laughed till I cried, and cried till I laughed