Operation: Constant Clarity, the 18:1 RSO Project

Hey kids, this will be the home/grow journal of a last-minute "last project". In point of fact if this were purchasable today I would not be doing it.

The Problem:

Some folks don’t want to “smoke” anything even though the 18:1 carts are just vapor, some folks might be in a situation where they are not mindful enough to take something when the fog gets bad.

For those that do use this properly they can get 2-3 hours of clarity but there is always a peak and fall-off to that as well, so its not 2-3 hours of sustained, top-flight thought. On one hand I am not complaining about any of these things as the resulting improvement of life is worth almost anything. On the other hand though, this is so amazing and if I had my way I would buy every dementia sufferer a cartridge to try. Still, even with a mellow pen you take a few puffs from every few hours, its every few hours you are having to do something to hold off the fog.

And if traveling, well you know you can’t do that just anywhere. I won’t bore you with the details but as a long-time cannabis user I am well-versed in the effects of and best way to use edibles. I don’t mean those dumb-assed gummies that are always showing up in the news, rather the core science side of things.

Edibles have a slower start-up by having to get to the brain by way of the digestion but at the same time edibles enjoy a more sustained “high” or level of efficacy, much more stable that anything else puffed, snorted or vaped. No peaks and valleys to contend with and if you have an edible that is suitably strong for given patient, the effects will take 90 minutes to two hours to take effect and can last 8-9 hours before fall-off begins….This is how I use cannabis for pain, not smoking joints all the time but rather I make or buy something called Rick Simpson Oil which is just another form of hashish that has been cooked at 230 or better for an hour to activate the THCa, what you need to have happen for any edible to work at all. This is great because I can take about a half-gram of RSO for breakfast and I am good to go all that long, until bed time. No “maintenance” doses inbetween.

So I started thinking “what if I could take the magic of the 18:1 CBD:THC combination and work it into something like RSO? If this works, it would provide amazing mental clarity all day long and you should not have to do anything during the day to maintain that clarity.

My final project of this life will be this. I have tracked down and secured a half-dozen seeds of a CBD variety that boasts a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio and some classic Indical leaning seeds (White Widow) to help offset that. The project goal is to grow two of each strain to maturity and then turn ALL of it into RSO. Then I can play with mixtures to replicate the effects of the 18:1 pen or shatter.

The bottom line though, the thing thats making me try this now, when I only have a few “mental bucks” to spend per day is that if it looks like it turned out right after the dust settles I mean to get a gram of this into every dementia patient I know, which is admittedly few, for field-testing. Finally I mean to collate and document the recipe, steps for creation and results of testing.

A single dose providing clarity all day long. Pardon the pun but thats rather mind-numbing to me….and as far as I can tell, its never been done before, not like this, not for this purpose.

It all starts with the right seeds:

Here are the seeds I am using from Crop King of Canada and their proiles..

And to augment the minuscule THC in that one I am using a classic, White Widow for any THC-bang that is needed:

This is the project, will keep a separate grow journal here....