Demented Citizens for a Saner America

The Demented Citizens for a Saner America seeks to encourage the public in general and those who have differing diagnoses of dementia in particular to register to vote and then do so. We are affiliated with no political party nor will we be supporting any particular candidates. Our primary goal is to awaken an untapped voting block that is continually overlooked, those with dementia. There are ~25 million of us in the US. Many are still of sound enough mind to cast a reasoned vote. We encourage you to make you voices heard by doing so.

In support of our encouragement of the demented vote we offer the following:

1. There’s no denying the highly partisan and divisive nature of today’s political environment. Much of that can be blamed on voter apathy. We can still do our part to change that.

2. Through increased voter turnout we could conceivably return to a more civil time, both politically and societally. 

3. As evidenced by recent events, those in power today have little to no compunction with cheating, lying and generally short-circuiting the democratic process to achieve their own ends. However, rather than trying to out-cheat the card sharks, it is better to simply deny them the battlefield. Voting them out of power is just about the only tangible means a civilian has of effecting this.

4. Since the party in power right now has no interest in governing, let alone doing so fairly, we need to put someone else in charge that does have our best interests at-heart. Who is that person/candidate? At this point, literally any other group can and will do better than those currently in command.

5. Witnesses to the chicanery of the current administration assume that karma will come for them eventually; voting now makes you part of that karma.

6. Another important reason to vote those in power out of office is that they are currently running around displaying what many consider un-American behavior and values and doing so in our (collective) name. Personally, I don’t want these people being how the rest of the world judges all Americans. These people embarrass us greatly and will continue to do so until stopped.

In summary: if you have a problem with attacking our friends and embracing our stated enemies on the world stage, if you have a problem with the “good old boys network” running things, if you don’t like the state the country is in, if you feel that the very things that made this country great are being legislated out of existence, if you have a problem with the national debt sky-rocketing with no end in sight, if you just plain hate seeing neighbor turned against neighbor, get out and vote on November 6th

Make your demented voice known, because even to the demented, the current state of this land certainly qualifies as “crazy”. End the insanity in government, even if you cannot do so for yourself. Think of it this way: you are in all likelihood voting out someone crazier than yourself, and that can only be a good thing.


Update 23 October 2018: I voted. May the deity help the other guys...