Cool Movies for the Demented Viewer

Greetings and welcome to Cool Movies for Demented MFers. Folks with dementia have a hard time following standard movies and books, sometimes even if we have seen them and enjoyed them in the past. I have a pretty sizable movie collection and like everyone, my share of all-time favorites....but since the dementia got worse, its been almost impossible to watch any of them all the way thru, even if I really really want to.

So since movies are there to entertain, I asked myself what would the perfect movie be for me (with my dementia): any plot in it could not be longer than 10 minutes or very deep, must have some kind of eye-candy on screen to keep my attention. Since 10 minutes or less is not much of a movie either.

Then one day I noticed something odd; I came across The Phantom Menace in my library. Had seen it a zillion times, JarJar be damned but could recall very little of it. Yet if I just watched a portion of the epic space battle at the end or the light-saber duel with Darth Maul, the whole thing comes rolling back to me. Assumption: the right trigger video can have the effect of having just seen a favorite movie in its entirety. The "taste" of it is short enough not to fry out your ability to focus and just as you would remember it all well before the dementia, the right "taste" can trigger the whole thing coming back to memory with near-total clarity.

To test or leverage this theory I came up with the idea of making a 90+ minute movie comprised of these "tastes" and see how it went. As it turned out, it worked great.

I suggest any patient with dementia reading this give it a try. I will list links to them here (hosting on my Google Drive site...)...

1. Cool Movie Volume : my first "production" level movie. Trailer is here: