Hempy System Upgrade for Disabled Folks Like Me

Perfect Storm of Events:

This past week has been good but tough. Beth is doing fine at her first go at running the full show but when it comes to problem management, I am still on the hook until she gets some more experience. And what a fucking week.

In no particular order:
* When I had my back turned for 5 minutes, one of the little buddies got into Tent 2 and made themself a fucking salad. Alas, all of one GG#4 and most of a Tahoe Cure were consumed:
Alas poor GG, We Barely Knew Ye...
The Tahoe Cure had more leaves so maybe he got full
TC did better but maybe they got full..

* Solo Cup Challenge: Post-poned. In short, the TC might make it but the GG was gone like yesterdays news. So the Solo Cup Challenge plant (another TC) now lives where the GG did.

* The initial upgrade for the Hempy Buckets (really deep and really heavy duty drain dishes) was great but regardless of the method used, if you have a bad back (spinal arthritis) the constant draining of plants with turkey basters results is a frequent level of agony. It had to be dealt with and since that actually is part of what this site is about (growing for the disabled) I had to figure out some way to save my back. When the missus came to me independently about the same thing, I figured OK, put on whats left of my thinking cap and came up with this.

* I took the basic rig from an Autopots reservoir (kind of the same purpose but reverse) and added a strong rubber grommet to each tub in the corner/bottom. Next I raised the plant and pot (and drain dish) up about 6 inches with a tiny step stool to provide gravity assist and finally ran some standard 1/4 inch tube from the grommet about a foot or so to a nearby larger drain bucket.

* So right now the tent has four plants and two 3 gallon buckets tucked into the corners at each end. Each bucket services two plants. Idea is I can just add food and not worry about floods and almost more important I can do WAY better flushes now than before!
As-installed. FWIW: this is a screen shot from a recently-installed webcam.

I tested it out by giving them a full days feeding; since they had already been watered, this should result in floods. Everything worked perfectly and there isn't a bunch of crap laying in the bottom of the tub.

If this works for the next 24 hours I will convert the rest tomorrow and never spend time hunched over a turkey baster again!


I wasn't stoned when I made this; its a result of the stupid path this video had to 
take to get to this screen. I will get stoned and film something later and you can
see the difference.