The Black Mamba: A Dry Herb Vape For The Rest Of Us

Greetings kids! Jeff here with another quickie review on yet another dry herb vaporizer called The Black Mamba. No idea who makes it but that doesn't matter. Why would you want another dry herb vaporizer? Any why The Black Mamba, if you already have something slick like the DaVinci Ascent or the Pax or whatever? Simple: The Black Mamba does everything you really need in a dry herb vaporizer and nothing else. It is rugged, seemingly reliable, gives good reliable hits, has 5-6 temperature settings and best of all: The Black Mamba retails for a measly 25 bucks. You read that right.

So even if you have an Ascent or other high-end vape, I would suggest putting that on the shelf for special occasions and use the modestly-priced Black Mamba for day to day use. Has that ruggedized rubber all over the outside and the glass tube in the mouthpiece is protected by the heavy mouthpiece itself. I bet you could drop this out the window of a moving car and there is a good chance it will just fire right up. And even if it exploded on impact.....25 bucks. You could buy 11 of these for what I paid for a single DaVinci Ascent. Plus, knowing how safe your vaping tool is makes the overall usage a more relaxed and enjoyable process.

What do you get for 25 bucks? Everything you see here:
Black Mamba Kit
You get:
The Black Mamba
Spare glass mouthpiece tube
Cleaning brush
Stirring/tamping tool
AC/USB adapter/charger
USB cable for charging
Instruction book

The Black Mamba in action.

Using the Black Mamba is simplicity itself:
1. Pop off the mouthpiece exposing the vaping oven.

2. Add with your favorite ground medicine.

3. Replace the mouthpiece.

You are now ready to rock.. Now just quickly tap the single button on the side until you see a green light on top indicating power and 1-5 lights on the side, indicating the temperature it is heating to. As it comes closer to the desired temp, the lights turn from red to green.
I have mine set on "3" which according to the docs is 392 degrees.

When they are all green, do the dry herb vape suck. Long, slow draws work best with vaporizers and soon you are blowing clouds. When done just tap the power button 5 times again and its off.

So what you have is a basic value proposition dry herb vape that actually works, doesn't feel like its going to break in the next ten uses, is simple to maintain, simple to use and best of all, yep, 25 bucks in quantity. Even at single purchase prices, 34 bucks is still great but look around, the 25 buck price is there if you hunt.

Here is where I got mine....

Black Mamba on DHGate



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