The End of 'Whatabout-ism'

Donald Trump and the rest of his gang of idiots love to use something called "whatabout-ism" to somehow counter negative words or actions on their own part. For example, if asked about his immigration failures, the response is to throw out something like "But what about Obamas immigration problems??" as if that makes everything OK.

I would simply say that it doesn't matter if every single person or group he points to was guilty of everything he claims they did. Don't matter a single bit. Why? From the self-centered, self-absorbed cretins very own mouth:

He said it. He is the only one that matters and in this rare instance, I agree with him. He is the only one that matters; he is the President after all, making decisions and taking actions in all of our names. As such, he is the one that matters and so if there is a choice of looking at a crime that may have occurred long ago or one that is literally in-progress, the only real choice is obvious.

So if "the only one that matters" is making choices not in the best interest of this country, it doesn't matter what anyone else is doing; get this one and his crew out of the Whitehouse. Because if he is the only one that matters, he should also the one taking responsibility. For everything.

So anyone bringing up Pizzagate or Benghazi or email servers, you can just hold your horses until "the only one that matters" is out of power because by his own words, he needs to be dealt with first.