Without Adult Leadership, This Country Has a Long Six Months Ahead...

Note to Donald Trump:

As of 2020 you have lied so much to the American public about things that didn’t even matter that only an idiot would believe anything you have to say.

And right now, you need us to believe you….and we can’t.

To Bill Barr, Lindsay Graham, et al, because you have upheld his lies that so laughably bad, you too now have zero credibility with most Americans.

So there is nothing anyone in this administration can say or do to help the current situation that besets our country.

Since they won’t grow up and view this situation through the lens of anything but a fucking election statistic, there is little hope the situation will get better before it gets far worse.

Because we have children in the Whitehouse with no interest in anything beyond the next election, they will cause much damage before they are removed.  When Trump started out at Inauguration with such obvious lies, I feared the day would come when he would need me to believe him for something not stemming from his rather warped imagination. I feared that day and it came.

And all of this Republican Yes men from Jordan to Nunes who will break any law to try to support Trump, to Cruz and that knot-head Kemp in Georgia, but most of all, the fucking McConnell for whom I lay a very very special blame for the pain Trump causes. He is as guilty as Trump in every bit of pain Trump has brought to date. I honestly don't think any Republican can be trusted with the publics trust. Not for a few generations anyways to get right of the Lindsay Grahams who also hide Trumps crimes while trying to gin up drama about his opponents. Lindsay, you are not half as fucking clever as you think you are.

The whole crew of Republicans went to Russia for the Fourth of July in 2017 was it? And their decisions have been suspect ever since and will be until they are removed from public office.

This is one time its going to really suck being right....

Good Luck America, you will need it.