The Nightmare I the only veteran that is worried?

It is a few days later and the worst is happening, at least Trump hasn't been stopped from his childish antics yet. Trump is demanding an overwhelming show of military force to put down the riots and every chance he and every fucking Republican has framed this as a response to the violence of the past week and if they repeat it enough, most people will get worn down and start accepting that as truth, so I figured to try playing Captain Obvious one last time: 
They want you to think what they are doing now is in response to this:

But don't forget for an instant that it was THIS that started it all and the above won't get "fixed" until this does:
Everything else is a side-show and until the police brutality is addressed, everything that follows it is doomed to be repeated, perhaps even several times in the same generation.

Man I can't believe our country is this broken. The horrible shit that started all this not withstanding, what I saw in the news scared me tonight: president DumbAss is itching to trigger the Insurrection Act to fight and control the protesters out there, trying to frame it as if this were a key to peace and security.

Not a fucking chance kids and for the slow students (of which I counted myself from time to time), if Trump is allowed to do this:

* There is zero chance it will end there. For one reason, what this will do is force the other side to pull out all the stops and go after the invaders to their neighborhoods, regardless of who is wearing what uniform.

* Unlike the Rodney King era instance when they triggered this, this will be effective in all 50 states, losing trained killers (which we all are, except maybe some of the Air Force weenies) all over America with no training or reasonable Rules of Engagement. In fact expect these to change so frequently they will never be applied evenly and few people will be aware of and therefore applying current ROEs. With no solid or sane rules of engagement....this is pretty important. This is where I think every veteran is going "oh shit...."

* There will be little distinction made between agitators and peaceful protesters, so if anyone believes the bullshit that this is anything other than martial law, you are fooling yourselves. The infantry, rapid deployment force and more are simply not trained and therefore will not even check, only lock down and secure, thats it. And that won't be acceptable by anybody.

* I know I have dementia but I cannot escape the idea that all of this is a direct and predictable result when you have a president who glorifies this behavior, fans the flames of conflict in his supposedly own countrymen. We need calm, compassion and understanding and we get rhetoric, anger and hatred.

* Until the fireman (president, supposed-leader)_douses the source of the flames, the fire in this particular house will never go out, no matter how many times it is shot in the process...

* By now, hasn't Donald Trump himself displayed to even the densest MAGA-person that he is not only a complete moron, that he is not just bad for America abroad (everyone hates us or laughs at us, and not because of the Mayor of Minneapolis), he is absolutely deadly for America right here at home (just look around you and tell me this is fucking normal)???

It's blown whats left of my is getting harder and harder to tell what part of what I perceive is from the dementia and what is actually fucked-up reality that no joint in the world can fix.....