The perfect analogy for the LBD cognitive cycles: what it feels like to us

Many things about Lewy Body Dementia is really hard to explain to someone who doesn't have it and even harder if you have expressive aphasia screwing with your ability to word things....

Then the other day I caught some video of someone at the Olympics I think doing the butterfly stroke and in an instant I knew I had my analogy, a simple way to understand our day.....a few edits later and I have the above.


The irony is not long ago it was totally the opposite, most of my day was spent with my head above water and only periodically being pushed into the fog or dementia.

A final thought I would like to leave the reader with is this: if this sounds horrible or horrifying to you, remember you have a brain that can understand it AND you have someone explaining it to you. Imagine what its like for the pre-diagnosis LBD patient still in the dark but going through this every day....