Let me ‘Splain

Just a forewarning. You may often see Jeff and/or I refer to ourselves or each other as nuts or crazy or a couch potato or a mental slug or a myriad of other seemingly derogatory terms. Trust us, we do not in any way mean them in that spirit.

It is our way, perhaps a warped way but our way, to deal with the everyday stresses associated with having LBD. It’s our warped sense of humor. Both of us come from  high energy, stressful backgrounds, his computer engineering, mine dentistry, and we realize the good fortunes we have been granted in life and we don’t take them for granted. We value our loved ones and we intend to live every moment given to us. But we’re not mired in the mud over our current situation either. We’re not fixated on and worried about the end, at least so far. So we poke fun at our short comings to add some levity to an otherwise very serious situation. We try not to extend that sarcasm to you unless we’ve come to know you quite well but if we do slip a few less than flattering phrases in here and there, please forgive us. We mean no disrespect or harm. Our sole aim is to educate and help.

So, thanks for reading and until the looney train pulls back into the station, I’m outta here!