Thanks To The Trellis, The Flat Cannabis Plant


Short story but wanted to share something. This is Beths first crop on her own and as part of that we are sticking with one plant per pot per trellis this go around. One cool thing about there only being a single plant you can get a better feel for the difference using a trellis makes to the cannabis plant.

The plant in the short video above is just a standard Tahoe Cure fem that normally grows very bushy/Christmas Tree like...and this plant is about 3-4 weeks old from seed and this very week got flipped from veg to bloom light and feed this very week, like five days ago from when this was shot. 

One thing the trellis trick does is flatten the plant, which allows you to evenly plaster the plant with light and air. That is the key to it all, everything gets great light and air, resulting in more and better buds.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves; I wanted to show in how a single plant can be flattened to a trellis and then I will follow it up with flower-site shots to demonstrate the results better. Previous crops did multiple plants per pot and it was impossible to measure the growth of a single plant, they are morasses of vegetation, way the fuck out of hand. Made almost 2 pounds of dried bud but it was a LOT.



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