Coronavirus by the Numbers. (Or, “Sure, there’s no difference in the Coronavirus and the seasonal flu”.

The latest Coronavirus numbers @noon today were 1,239,100 confirmed cases in the United States with 73,956 confirmed deaths.  If you do the math, 73,956/1,239,100*100%=5.9%. Meaning 5.9% of all confirmed cases have resulted in death. Now I realize this isn’t the best method for determining the virulence and mortality rate of this virus but it gives us a very good rough estimate. All these deaths occurred in ~9 weeks.

By comparison, the seasonal flu varies widely each year in the number of resultant deaths due to a variety of factors. The most recent multi year average I could find was for the years beginning in 1976 and ending in 2007 showing the average confirmed caseload of influenza in the US was 23,607 per year. The most for one year I could find was 45,000,000 confirmed cases with 61,000 deaths during the 2017-2018 flu season. By the math, 61,000/45,000,000*100%=.135%. .135% of all confirmed cases of influenza during the ‘17-‘18 flu season resulted in death. This was during approximately a one year time period.

So sure, many people are saying there is very little difference in the mortality rates of this Coronavirus and the seasonal flu but those numbers don’t exactly prove that theory. 5.9% of confirmed cases of Coronavirus resulted in death as compared to .135% of the confirmed cases of seasonal flu resulted in death. And the Coronavirus deaths all occurred within ~9 weeks as compared the year time frame for the influenza deaths.

Yep, almost no difference, it’s all a hoax.


  1. Damn dude, I see where your brain goes when you get your few hours a day of clarity! Math! Woof. So true and so useful as proof of things but....woof. I have the same thing with other ...disciplines I guess and so when the moment of clarity hits for the day, you jam on it for all its worth. Something Alzheimers ppl can only dream about, and yes the pun was intended...


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