Something good for the head from Living with Lewy Bodies

With all the chaos in todays world, it really can take its toll on the demented over time. I also am aware of the fact that much of what gets written here can be grim and very I decided to make a little stress-from-chaos reliever for readers of this site.

I got the inspiration for this from watching a science video in the news today. Apparently there were some deep-sea scientists that found the strangest kind of jelly-fish like creature that started like a jellyfish but over the next 5 minutes transformed itself into dozens of shapes. It was almost hypnotic were it not for the scientists trying to do voice-over and they sucked...but the video is something to behold.

So I downloaded the original video from YouTube, ran a program I wrote a year or two ago that automatically scraps out the audio from a media file, in this case leaving only the video. Then I decided to overlay some music of my own choosing. Basically when you see this thing, one of the words out of your mouth will be "lavalamp"; you will see why when you watch. The imagery of the lavalamp conjured images of the 70's for me, which then starting playing Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon in my I used a pair of songs from that album, starting with "Breath" because as you will see, the thing looks like it is breathing at one point.  The creature itself is amazing and hard to take your eyes off of.

The bottom line is turn down the lights, put this on the wide-screen, spark up a J, relax and watch the show.


  1. That's freaking awesome! It reminds me of the flips my mind seems to go through in a deep fog.


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