Changes Can Be Good

I’ve never actually been a person who is moved to tears by random exhibits of love, sadness, fear, etc... I didn’t tear up when Mufassa died, I didn’t weep when Harry met Sally, I didn’t sob when Bambi’s mother met her untimely end. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve never had a problem showing my emotions to those near and dear to me. I’ve always felt it important to let those closest to you to know how you feel about them. But the normal “tear jerkers” just never had any real effect on me.

That is a until the past year or so. If I’m in an upstate then I’m the same old emotionally stabile person I’ve always been. But when in a down state, someone describing their happy childhood is enough to send a tear down my cheek. Someone expressing the deepest depths of their love: I’m actually quietly crying. Someone losing a person close to them: I’ll be sobbing into my hands.

Although I don’t see anything wrong with being in touch with ones emotions, this sudden burst of emotional outpouring is almost disconcerting, it’s strange to be watching a movie and suddenly be in a puddle of tears simply because someone said something sweet. I’m unaccustomed to these emotions over events seemingly unrelated to me.

But is this a bad thing. In all honesty, no, unsettling at times, but ultimately, NO! What’s wrong with displaying your emotions. Is there an inmate errancy in following your emotions, balanced with reason of course. I think not. I choose to understand this change of events as an opportunity to express my true self unabashedly. It is ultimately freeing and somewhat of a relief.


(Disclaimer) I started this post several weeks ago. It is only happenstance that I completed this and the post I submitted a few minutes ago so closely together. I apologize for the repetitiveness.