Operation: Black Diesel update

Update: 07/08/2018::09:40

OK this mornings update is more of a simpler status update I am making since I had to do work around the now-vegging Black Diesel plants in my overflow/vegging tub. I had 5 Gorilla Glue #4s and a single Sunset Sherbet ready to come out the the mini-DWC unit I use for starts and get into their longer-term homes, my magic To Go cups (man need a better name). These are my 32-oz plastic to go containers I have modified to be multi-use hydro and soil containers...look like this:

So I got the six transplanted from straight Deep Water Culture to these cups with hydroton in them. I think there is a story elsewhere on this site that explains better.

In any event, this is precisely what I did with the Black Diesel starts back a bit; the plants sit in the hydroton in the cup with flow-holes and I can just plop it into my overflow tub of nutrients. Doing it this way lets me squeeze alot of plants into a tiny area while ensuring they are getting the best of nurtients, water and aeration automatically. Plants seem to really like this environment. This is what the BDs looked like when I moved them in, and how it looks this morning with the GGs et al in there:

And here is this morning:

So the Black Diesels look ready to throw down, vibrant and strong. Next steps here are more vegging, I want them to be 1 foot tall (this is an unusual experiment) or better before transplanting them into the new trellis-enhanced planter. Before that happens though, I want to carefully prune one side of each near the bottom, this will make attaching it to the trellis less problems later. Only a few main branches that would cause problems when the plant is tilted to its side.

Once that is done, give them another week to recover then transplant to soilmix in the new planter, another week and its bloom time. The experiment begins in ernest. I can't plot what will happen then because I simply have no idea. I have expectations based on some experience but know of no cases where this has been tried. Put it this way: It should work.

Anyhow that is my progress report on them, probably won't see an update for a few weeks unless I prune, will throw something up about that.....