I have been sick to death of the bullshit for a long time but never feared I might actually die from it.

I have known for a long time that I am getting sick to death of the bullshit but never thought I stood much chance of dying from it. 

Well, that's it I guess; president* Donald Trump and his Gang of Idiots have proclaimed they don't have the time to care about the pandemic anymore, they are busy protecting statues and performing renditions of American citizens from the streets of Portland, soon to have Chicago joining them as a host of the Trumps jack-booted thugs from the CPB. Not by choice mind-you; its Chicagos bad luck that they had a Mayor (the so-excellent Mayor Lightfoot, totally aside but how cool is that name? Fuck Jones, Fuck Smith and definitely fuck Trump: I want HER name!) had the temerity to call out Trumps spokes-bullshitter McEnanny (sp) and Ivanka and Trump for hawking Goya beans.

As an aside, on many levels after generations of politicians I can kind of see folks who don't read up on stuff seeing Trump as different and different just had to be better...but come-on people, at what point do you wise up to the fact that a guy who acts so different from how a president is supposed to act maybe isn't a president at all in the first place? Occams Razor and all that rot.

We have a country on the edge of financial ruin, millions out of work, nearly a hundred and a half thousand people dead from a deadly virus and this shit-heel is wasting time and money short-circuiting regulations to get more of his vanity wall built on the southern border. I hear Trump wants a statue of himself made; I suspect a Memorial Wall might be a more likely outcome here. After all they built a wall for folks who died in Vietnam (many needlessly) and the covid-19 virus blew past that last week so its not outlandish to think this is what folks will see who visit Washington.

As if Trump stayed up nights trying to figure out how to screw this up worse (and kill more Americans), now he (and that batshit-crazy Besty DeVos, the Secretary of Non-Education) is doing all he can to force kids back into school, using the absolutely brain-dead logic that kids are young and will bounce back and if he does this, parents will go back out to work again, restarting the economy in time for the election in November. The ass-hats think this will work...

It only takes a moment of thought to see how easily this will go the same way most of Trumps bright ideas do: awry.

Ok say you send these good and eager to learn kids back to school, pack them in 30 to a fucking class and sure, somehow you get enough teachers to do all the needed work...one of two things happen at home: mom and dad go back to work or they don't. All kinds of reasons for either but Trump is depending on them working. Problems crop up when some do, you get the predictable spike in corona virus cases but then these kids come home after school everyday after sharing the virus with 2000 of their closest friends. By dinner both mom and dad are exposed, any grandparents are just fodder in this scenario.

Mom and dad become symptomatic and communicable and presto! You have an entire country of "community cases", the pandemic explodes, the death rate sky-rockets, employees begin to vanish from the payrolls only unlike in a voluntary shut-down, this becomes permanent and when the talent pool vanishes all across the social and economic strata of our country, everything folds and when that happens, the medical system will collapse from the inside due to the overflow of patients and the outside due to nobody or agency has any money anymore.

At this point the problem feeds on itself, more sick leads to more under employment which will lead to greater economic crisis that will in turn, lead to less funding the the already stretched-thin medical world, lessening its ability to effectively deal with the virus.

Around and around it goes....


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