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The Mayor of Las Vegas is Useless to the People of Las Vegas

Our Useless Mayor in Las Vegas: The Worthless Carolyn Goodman

UPDATE: There is an adage that goes something like: It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot than it is to open your mouth and remove all doubt. In yet another instance of life imitating art, 1 hour after I post this I found out idiot mayor doubling down on her brainless leadership. I mean come ON lady, you know you are stupid, Las Vegas residents are onto your clown act but did you really HAVE to go on Anderson Fucking Cooper and display your ignorance for the whole world to see?

 Dumb shit like that could kill tourism here far longer than any lockdown. The very least you could have done is gone on Fox and Friends; that way at least nobody with a functioning brain would have seen it. Having a broken brain is one thing to deal with; I know, have a terminal brain disease my own self but going on a national cable news network before completely sobering up is something usually we leave to the Guliani's of the country...

But the most shocking thing she said wasn't her stupidity, it's her ignorance of history and ignorance of science. She actually said that she is willing to use Las Vegas as a control in a study. As someone who has worked with the FDA on research studies in the past, I can assure you that using unsuspecting people as controls in any study without their consent is not just illegal, it is unethical as hell, no researcher worth his or her salt would even suggest it.  I mean, that is Josef Mengele-level wrong.

In point of fact, unless she reverses course really quickly, I cannot see how she and the city of Las Vegas won't be wiped out from the inevitable law-suits. And as a resident, she ensured that we have plenty to sue her over for the rest of our lives if we so chose to. That is some top-notch city management there Carol; maybe you should go back to the nail salon or bar and let folks who know what they are doing save us, because you sure as hell won't.

Carolyn Goodman as done the unbelievable: as bad as things are, she just found a way to make things worse for Las Vegas. 

End Update.

We the people....go along for years, decades even electing who we think will be the best leaders and these same years seem to roll by without really testing the mettle of any of them, so in point of fact the most that any can boast is "I haven't screwed up yet."

During this time these elected leaders spend their days and sleepless nights worrying about the thing that will come along and truly test their leadership and put their true selves on display, politically naked for all to see.

Carolyn Goodman has now met just such a challenge and her uselessness becomes plain as day.  She is in fact trying to out-Trump Trump by claiming that it's not her job to guide and lead people anymore. Donald Trump has turned non-leadership into an art but Carolyn Goodman has made it a weapon, one she wields against her own people.  Against all sound advice (this excludes casino owners and other politicians; if she cannot listen and learn from her excellent Governor, she is un-teachable anyways) she is going to try to force Las Vegas open but she has NO CLUE how to do it, let alone do it safely...and yet, in imitation of weak leaders throughout history she is simply exclaiming to do it and let the chips fall where they lie.

 Donald Trump has turned non-leadership into an art but Carolyn Goodman has made it a weapon, one she wields against her own people. 

First, she is pushing the most dangerous of initiatives, opening early for business. We are like a barnacle on the American public so if we open and they come, science and a basic high-school education will tell you the pandemic will spike and spread causing needless death and suffering and I can almost promise any place that opens early and a patron gets the corona virus, they will be sued into oblivion. The only other option likely to happen is she forces the casinos open and nobody comes; with full crews on everywhere, Vegas will die faster than if it never re-opened. So what has she really gained here? Nothing for us, the people of Las Vegas so there has got to be some personal incentive for her to put so many lives at risk.

She doesn't stop there; she is after all the Jedi Master of being a worthless leader; now she says it's not her problem to guide, it's up to each business owner to figure that out. That is so insanely stupid on it's face that its like her telling each local doctor to come up with an effective corona virus vaccine.

This clearly defective human being is going to get us killed, she knows it and is good with it. She is not making decisions based on facts, science or even consideration of any life other than her own.

If there has ever been a more irresponsible pronouncement by a Mayor in America I have not heard it in 58 years on this planet.  She thinks it isn't her job to see to the safety and well-being of the people who elected her to office for so long.  Does anyone else now see what loyalty to this person is actually worth?

If she seriously doesn't think she has any responsibility to her people, Carolyn Goodman is in the wrong job, which is another way of stating we have the wrong person in the Mayors office. We can all now collectively see just what kind of human being Carolyn Goodman is. She is nobodies Mayor though; from her actions it appears that Las Vegas doesn't have a functional one at the time that it needs one the most.

Carolyn Goodman has screwed up and failed her elected position at the most important point of her entire career; she will never have a bigger and more momentous challenge than this. Net result is she will get Las Vegas people killed, possibly start a larger pandemic through her inept or non-existent safety guidelines and her lack of leadership will leave us hurting for years to come. In fact if I had done what she is doing now, I would move to a new state where they don't know me and change my name, kind of a Federal Idiot-Leader Protection Program. I doubt she will show her face in the street when this is done. 

Make no mistake, this is her last at-bat. We need, no we deserve a real, actual functional Mayor in the town; instead we have Carolyn Goodman.


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