Seasons Greetings from LWLBD: How to Roll the Perfect Christmas Infused Joint!

We could all learn something from ChillMaster Jiraiya
Hey kids, Jeff here just wishing my few readers a safe and most important of all to dementia patients, mellow-AF holidays. In fact I noticed something odd/fun about this Christmas season that as an American surprised the hell out of me....for the first time since I was maybe 16 years old, Christmas season hasn't stressed me out to the point where I wanted to move to a foreign....planet or something before it was over....but this year, perhaps thanks to the dementia meaning crappy memory but here it is Christmas day and I don't feel like I am ready to go postal.

But one of the other reasons for this is to post the first in what I hope is a series of instructional articles to teach the disabled how to be a stoner. Now that its legal in most places AND it is such a perfect and useful medicine for dementia, disabled folks are having to go into places like head shops and pot dispensaries for the first time and the last thing any adult wants to do is stand out as the non-stoner in a room or worse, society full of stoners. They are not mean or hostile exactly....its just that face it: you are un-cool and nobody wants that.

So I made a video on how to make the perfect Christmas Infused Joint for your medicinal holiday needs...enjoy...