A Tribute to one of the finest medical cannabis strains you have probably never had: The Exorcist!

The Exorcist, probably the finest medical strain ever.
Greetings kids; Jeff here with something a little lighter this morning. As you know I have cultivated and grown my own cannabis meds for some time now, making my own wax, hash, RSO and so on.

I have grown a nice number of strains over the years and as my time of growing is coming to a close for this lifetime, I feel compelled to write about one single strain that is simply the most amazing strain ever and you can breed your own with little trouble if you are of a mind to.

This strain was invented by a master grower in Michigan with the name Nick@Night. He has a company called Great Lakes ...nuts forgot the rest...Great Lakes Seed company but I thought the word medical was in there too. Anyhow this is one of the first strains I grew after my first pilot crop of clones from a local dispensary and I don't even think Nick knew what a winner he had; he has bred a ton of strains for different things.

The strain I refer to is called The Exorcist, as Nick was in a 70s movie theme that season and all strains had names reflecting that. The Exorcist is cross of Ambulance and Harlequin Jo strains, both intense and high in CBD. Both are good but together they become far more than the sum of their parts.

The Exorcist is great as a medical strain because the one time I remember it being lab tested it clocked in at like 27% THC and a whopping 22% CBD or so. On top of that, the entourage effect brings on a level of relaxation, pain and stress relief long-time smokers will not remember having since the 70's (actual patient quote). Exorcist creates monster plants, dinner-plate sized fan leaves, super-trichome encrusted soup-can sized buds, thrives under many conditions and does great indoors or out. As a grower I loved it because I just plain got more really great meds out of each plant of this than any other strain, didn't matter if it was just flower for smoke or concentration for BHO (see above) or just making hashish.  The taste was also really great, little fruity but also a little spicy.

If I had more time on this planet I would set aside one of my tent and make a few thousand Exorcist seeds and then send a handful to anyone who wants one. Sadly I cannot so you will have to breed it yourself and don't forget to stablize before going production on it but otherwise I promise you will have a winner like you have never had before, the Exorcist was simply magic and nothing has touched it since....


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