Post-Plateau fun: Sudden, Unexpected Loss of...Everything.

This will not be a long post; I am still dealing with this but given how quickly it came on, and how completely disabling it is, I felt a need to share.

Recently I went through a pair of plateaus that seriously set me back some, ability-wise.  Since I spend much of my time sitting or laying down, I am unsure when exactly this started but since then it has been every day or every other day.

The sequence of events look like this:

I am standing, walking, talking/not-talking, doesn't seem to matter. Everything seems normal.

1 Second later, the room and actually my perception of my reality feels like it has been blended with a Picasso painting or something. I am forced to lay down on the floor exactly where I was standing until it passes.

Picasso probably had LBD...

I must also shut my eyes tightly or even the floor feels unstable.

In a minute or less things are normal; afterwards I feel mentally exhausted.


* There are no common patterns preceding the events.

* It doesn't feel like dizziness or the loss of vertigo you get from trying to drink a gallon of moonshine.

* Feels less like a loss of balance and more like reality and gravity have lost any reliability.

* No common triggers.

* Nothing changes in my environment yet in time my perception of it clears.

* Tired/not tired, time of day, level of stress, none of it matters. When it happens, it just happens.

I will report this to my neuro when I see him or her again in a few weeks.

Every day is a magic show....