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Cannabis and dementia

Greetings, Jeff here. While there has been some therapeutic ranting on here of late, that is far from the only motivation behind this blog. One of the other primary scopes of interest will be in using cannabis for treatment of the symptoms associated with dementia.

That may sound unlikely, a psychotropic drug used to treat a mental issue so please allow me to be CFB as we used to say in the Army.

  • I have dementia myself from the Lewy Bodies growing in my brain and therefore speak from experience.
  • I live in Nevada, where cannabis has been legal for some time for medical use and this is our one-year anniversary of recreational cannabis being legal. The result of this is, when I am using a specific preparation of cannabis to help with my dementia, I can use specific laboratory results to back up my claims and to help establish patterns of efficacy. The further benefit is that I am free to try a much wider variety of cannabis than I would in a non-free state.
  • When I state cannabis can help with dementia, I am only stating that a very specific preparation of a specific strain of cannabis ingested in a very specific way will work. Anything else and the efficacy falls off immediately; you might as well drink a beer.
  • The preparation I have found to work best is standard BHO extraction of either Charlottes Web or Harles Storm, where the resulting compound is between 60-70% CBD +/- 5%, and the THC content is between 2 and 4%, =/- 1%.  Step outside of these constraints and the efficacy falls to zero almost immediately.
  • The exact preferred method of ingestion is vaporizing about 50mg of this preparation. In my case I use a brulee torch to heat a laboratory glass straw until the end is red-hot. Then touching the straw to the medicine and a brief inhale is all it takes. This works withing 120 seconds for me and can last for up to four hours.
  • The exact amount it helps is very hard to quantify but my wife and speech therapist have both seen the effects of this. She want me to take it forever, as long as it has this effect and the speech therapist was amazed and even wanted me to do it in his office.
  • Specifically, my memory improves, my gait smooths out, the expressive aphasia is reduced a great deal. Perhaps more importantly, my thinking is clearer and my deductive abilities are restored for a time. I feel more in charge of my life.
  • There are no mind-altering effects from this; CBD contains a powerful anti-psychotic so once the ratio of CBD to THC exceeds 2:1, the psychotic effects of the THC are negated. You are clear-headed. However, testing has shown that if that little bit of THC is lost, the whole thing refuses to work. I feel more like a person and less like a victim.

With constraints like that, you either have to live in an area where its legal and the dispensaries are well-stocked but if not, it is up to you to grow and process your own. I had to figure out much on my own as well but more importantly, I figured out ways to modify the growing process to improve your odds and to take into account the problems the disabled might experience like tremors, shaking hands, poor eye-sight, poor memory, etc. I have figured out things to help with every stage of the grow process and I will share those here.

For example, I am starting a special grow project right now so we can get in on the ground floor so to speak. In short, it is an attempt to double the output from a plant. I will start a page on this to get into theory of this project but for now just know I will be taking two or three Black Diesel plants and growing them in such a way that you get twice the weight or better. I will also show my normal grow methods, how to build and automate your grow system and more...

Until then, here are the first three sprouts in this project. I hope to write alot more about not just the growing but specifically how cannabis can help the demented, and I don't mean by adding more colors to our hallucinations....


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